Time Wasted Can Be Regained

The fourth film from Tshepo Hope was made by our oldest group. These 11-14 years olds wanted to tackle the issue of drug abuse in their community, something which is becoming increasingly rife amongst the community’s youth. Watch below to see our group’s take on drug abuse, why it happens, and how this issue could be resolved.


Heaven Hugged Me

Our third film from Tshepo Hope, was made by a talented group of 6 – 13 year olds, who wanted to demonstrate how the support of friends and community members could help keep people from turning to crime. The following film, ‘Heaven Hugged Me’, explores some of the reasons that people in their community turn to crime, as well as the positive effect that community support can have on these individuals. This group of youngsters have delivered a powerful message through this film, as they have identified an issue that is so prevalent around them and are trying to offer their community a solution.

Bullying: Naniki’s Story

The final film that was produced during our time at Tshepo Hope was made by a group of 9 – 12 year olds. In this film they confront the seriousness of bullying, an issue which is faced by children worldwide. Watch the film below to see the children of Tshepo Hope’s representation of the severity of this issue, which they would like their community to address.